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Permitted activitiesCertificate of licensing not required.

The following activities do not require a certificate of licensing under this chapter:
(1) Geological work performed by an employee or a subordinate of a geologist or specialty geologist licensed under this chapter, provided that the work does not include responsible charge of geological work as covered by this section, and is performed under the direct supervision of a geologist licensed under this chapter, who shall be and remains responsible for such work;
(2) Geological work performed by officers and employees of the United States practicing solely as such officers and employees;
(3) Geological work performed exclusively in the exploration for energy and mineral resources, insofar as such work has no substantial impact upon the public health, safety, and welfare as determined by regulations issued by the director;
(4) Geological research conducted through academic institutions, agencies of the federal or state governments, nonprofit research institutions, or for-profit organizations, including submission of reports of research to public agencies;
(5) Teaching geology or related physical or natural sciences;
(6) The practice of engineering or other licensed professions: (a) The acquisition of engineering data involving soil, rock, groundwater, and other earth materials; evaluation of the physical and chemical properties of soil, rock, groundwater, and other earth materials; and the utilization of these data in analysis, design, and construction by professional engineers appropriately registered or licensed in this state; and (b) similar work performed by persons or organizations licensed or registered in any other profession or occupation related to geology, provided that such work is permitted under the applicable licensing or registration law, and is incidental to the practice or the profession or occupation for which licensing or registration is required. Nothing in this section shall be construed to permit the use of the title geologist or engineering geologist, or any other specialty as defined by the director, by an engineer or other licensed professional except as licensed under this chapter;
(7) General scientific work customarily performed by such physical or natural scientists as chemists, archaeologists, geographers, hydrologists, oceanographers, pedologists, and soil scientists, providing such work does not include the design and execution of geological investigations, being in responsible charge of geological or specialty geological work, or the drawing of geological conclusions and recommendations in a way that affects the public health, safety, or welfare; or
(8) The giving of testimony, or preparation and presentation of exhibits or documents for the sole purpose of being placed in evidence before any administrative or judicial tribunal or hearing, providing such testimony, exhibits, or documents do not imply that the person is registered under the provisions of this chapter.
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