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Postgraduate training license.

The board may grant approval to issue a license without examination to a podiatric physician and surgeon in a board-approved postgraduate training program in this state if the applicant files an application and meets all the requirements for licensure set forth in RCW 18.22.040 except for completion of one year of postgraduate training. The secretary shall issue a postgraduate podiatric medicine and surgery license that permits the physician to practice podiatric medicine and surgery only in connection with his or her duties in the postgraduate training program. The postgraduate training license does not authorize the podiatric physician to engage in any other form of practice. Each podiatric physician and surgeon in postgraduate training shall practice podiatric medicine and surgery under the supervision of a physician licensed in this state under this chapter, or chapter 18.71 or 18.57 RCW, but such supervision shall not be construed to necessarily require the personal presence of the supervising physician at the place where services are rendered.
All persons licensed under this section shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the podiatric medical board as set forth in this chapter and chapter 18.130 RCW.
Persons applying for licensure pursuant to this section shall pay an application and renewal fee determined by the secretary as provided in RCW 43.70.250. Postgraduate training licenses may be renewed annually. Any person who obtains a license pursuant to this section may apply for licensure under this chapter but shall submit a new application form and comply with all other licensing requirements of this chapter.
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