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Local health jurisdictionsCertificate of competencyFee.

(1) Employees of local health jurisdictions who review, inspect, or approve the design and construction of on-site wastewater treatment systems shall obtain a certificate of competency by obtaining a passing score on the written examination administered for licensure under this chapter. Eligibility to apply for the certificate of competency is based upon a written request from the local health director or designee and payment of a fee established by the director. The certificate of competency is renewable upon payment of a fee established by the director. Certificate holders are also subject to the requirements of RCW 18.210.140(1).
(2) Issuance of the certificate of competency does not authorize the certificate holder to offer or provide on-site wastewater treatment system design services. However, nothing in this chapter limits or affects the ability of local health jurisdictions to perform on-site design services under their authority in chapter 70.05 RCW.
(3) Local health jurisdictions and the state department of health retain authority to:
(a) Administer state and local regulations and codes for approval or disapproval of designs for on-site wastewater treatment systems;
(b) Issue permits for construction;
(c) Evaluate soils and site conditions for compliance with code requirements; and
(d) Perform on-site wastewater treatment design work as authorized in state and local board of health rules.
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