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RenewalRenewal feePenalty fee.

(1) Licenses and certificates issued under this chapter are valid for a period of time as determined by the board and may be renewed under the conditions described in this chapter. An expired license or certificate is invalid and must be renewed. Any licensee or certificate holder who fails to pay the renewal fee within ninety days following the date of expiration shall be assessed a penalty fee as determined by the board and must pay the penalty fee and the base renewal fee before the license or certificate may be renewed.
(2) Any license issued under this chapter that is not renewed within two years of its date of expiration must be canceled. Following cancellation, a person seeking to renew must reapply as a new applicant under this chapter.
(3) The board shall determine the fee for applications and for renewals of licenses and certificates issued under this chapter. For determining renewal fees, the pool of licensees and certificate holders under this chapter must be combined with the licensees established in chapter 18.43 RCW.
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