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The purpose of this chapter is to provide for the development, establishment, and enforcement of standards for the maintenance and operation of assisted living facilities, which, in the light of advancing knowledge, will promote safe and adequate care of the individuals therein. It is further the intent of the legislature that assisted living facilities be available to meet the needs of those for whom they care by recognizing the capabilities of individuals to direct their self-medication or to use supervised self-medication techniques when ordered and approved by a physician licensed under chapter 18.57 or 18.71 RCW or a podiatric physician and surgeon licensed under chapter 18.22 RCW.
The legislature finds that many residents of community-based long-term care facilities are vulnerable and their health and well-being are dependent on their caregivers. The quality, skills, and knowledge of their caregivers are often the key to good care. The legislature finds that the need for well-trained caregivers is growing as the state's population ages and residents' needs increase. The legislature intends that current training standards be enhanced.


Application2012 c 10: "All department of social and health services rules that apply to licensed boarding homes on June 7, 2012, continue in effect and apply to licensed assisted living facilities, as defined in RCW 18.20.020." [ 2012 c 10 § 75.]
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