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School licensesApplicationApproved securityIssuanceChanges in application informationChanges in controlling interestPosting of licenses.

(1) Any person wishing to operate a school shall, before opening such a school, pay the license fee and file with the director for approval a license application containing the following information:
(a) The names and addresses of all owners, managers, and instructors;
(b) A copy of the school's curriculum satisfying the curriculum requirements established by the director;
(c) A sample copy of the school's catalog, brochure, enrollment contract, and cancellation and refund policies that will be used or distributed by the school to students and the public;
(d) A surety bond in an amount not less than ten thousand dollars, or ten percent of the annual gross tuition collected by the school, whichever is greater. The approved security shall not exceed fifty thousand dollars and shall run to the state of Washington for the protection of unearned prepaid student tuition. The school shall attest to its gross tuition at least annually on forms provided by the department. When a new school license is being applied for, the applicant will estimate its annual gross tuition to establish a bond amount. This subsection shall not apply to community colleges and vocational technical schools.
Upon approval of the application and documents, the director shall issue a license to operate a school.
(2) Changes to the information provided by schools shall be submitted to the department within fifteen days of the implementation date.
(3) A change involving the controlling interest of the school requires a new license application and fee. The new application shall include all required documentation, proof of ownership change, and be approved prior to a license being issued.
(4) School and instructor licenses issued by the department shall be posted in the reception area of the school.


Effective date2002 c 111: See note following RCW 18.16.010.
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