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Legislative findingsIntent.

The legislature recognizes the value of an analytical review, removed from the political process, of proposals for increased regulation of real estate and other business professions which the legislature already regulates, as well as of proposals for regulation of professions not currently regulated. The legislature further finds that policies and standards set out for regulation of the health professions in chapter 18.120 RCW have equal applicability to other professions. To further the goal of governmental regulation only as necessary to protect the public interest and to promote economic development through employment, the legislature expands the scope of chapter 18.120 RCW to apply to business professions. The legislature intends that the reviews of proposed business profession regulation be conducted by the department of licensing's policy and research rather than regulatory staff and that the reviews be conducted and recommendations made in an impartial manner. Further, the legislature intends that the department of licensing provide sufficient staffing to conduct the reviews.
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