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Resource protection well operator's training license.

The department may issue a resource protection well operator's training license if the person:
(1) Has submitted a completed application to the department on forms provided by the department and has paid to the department the application fee required by rules adopted pursuant to this chapter;
(2) Has acquired field experience and educational training required by rules adopted pursuant to this chapter;
(3) Has passed a written examination as provided for in RCW 18.104.080;
(4) Has passed an on-site examination by the department; and
(5) Presents a statement by a person licensed under this chapter, other than a trainee, signed under penalty of perjury as provided in chapter 5.50 RCW, verifying that the applicant has the field experience required by rules adopted pursuant to this chapter and assuming liability for any and all well construction activities of the person seeking the training license.
A person with a resource protection well construction operator's training license may operate a drilling rig without direct supervision of a licensed operator if a licensed operator is accessible by radio, telephone, or other means of communication.
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