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ViolationsCease and desist orders.

Notwithstanding and in addition to any other powers granted to the department, whenever it appears to the director, or to an assistant authorized by the director to issue regulatory orders under this section, that a person is violating or is about to violate any of the provisions of this chapter, the director, or the director's authorized assistant, may cause a written regulatory order to be served upon said person either personally, or by registered or certified mail delivered to the addressee only with return receipt requested and acknowledged by him or her. The order shall specify the provision of this chapter, and if applicable, the rule adopted pursuant to this chapter alleged to be or about to be violated, and the facts upon which the conclusion of violating or potential violation is based, and shall order the act constituting the violation or the potential violation to cease and desist or, in appropriate cases, shall order necessary corrective action to be taken with regard to such acts within a specific and reasonable time. An order issued under this chapter shall become effective immediately upon receipt by the person to whom the order is directed, and shall become final unless review thereof is requested as provided in this chapter.
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