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Powers under RCW 18.235.110Grounds.

The board shall have the power to impose any action listed under RCW 18.235.110 upon the following grounds:
(1) Offering to pay, paying, or accepting, either directly or indirectly, any substantial gift, bribe, or other consideration to influence the award of professional work;
(2) Being willfully untruthful or deceptive in any professional report, statement, or testimony;
(3) Having a financial interest in the bidding for or the performance of a contract to supply labor or materials for or to construct a project for which employed or retained as an architect except with the consent of the client or employer after disclosure of such facts; or allowing an interest in any business to affect a decision regarding architectural work for which retained, employed, or called upon to perform;
(4) Signing or permitting a seal to be affixed to any drawings or specifications that were not prepared or reviewed by the architect or under the architect's personal supervision by persons subject to the architect's direction and control; or
(5) Willfully evading or trying to evade any law, ordinance, code, or regulation governing construction of buildings.


Effective dates2002 c 86: See note following RCW 18.08.340.
Part headings not lawSeverability2002 c 86: See RCW 18.235.902 and 18.235.903.
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