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Applications for examinationQualifications.

Any person seeking to be examined shall present to the secretary at least forty-five days before the commencement of the examination:
(1) A written application on a form or forms provided by the secretary setting forth under affidavit such information as the secretary may require; and
(2) Proof that the candidate has:
(a) Successfully completed a course, approved by the secretary, of didactic training in basic sciences and East Asian medicine, including acupuncture, over a minimum period of two academic years. The training shall include such subjects as anatomy, physiology, microbiology, biochemistry, pathology, hygiene, and a survey of western clinical sciences. The basic science classes must be equivalent to those offered at the collegiate level. However, if the applicant is a licensed chiropractor under chapter 18.25 RCW or a naturopath licensed under chapter 18.36A RCW, the requirements of this subsection relating to basic sciences may be reduced by up to one year depending upon the extent of the candidate's qualifications as determined under rules adopted by the secretary;
(b) Successfully completed five hundred hours of clinical training in East Asian medicine, including acupuncture, that is approved by the secretary.


Findings2004 c 262: "The legislature finds that the health care workforce shortage is contributing to the health care crisis. The legislature also finds that some unnecessary barriers exist that slow or prevent qualified applicants from becoming credentialed health care providers. The legislature further finds that eliminating these initial barriers to licensure will contribute to state initiatives directed toward easing the health care personnel shortage in Washington." [ 2004 c 262 § 1.]
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