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Lead agencyResponsibilities.

(1) The state department of agriculture is the lead agency for the control of spartina and purple loosestrife with the advice of the state noxious weed control board.
(2) Responsibilities of the lead agency include:
(a) Coordination of the control program including memorandums of understanding, contracts, and agreements with local, state, federal, and tribal governmental entities and private parties;
(b) Preparation of a statewide spartina management plan utilizing integrated vegetation management strategies that encompass all of Washington's tidelands. The plan shall be developed in cooperation with local, state, federal, and tribal governments, private landowners, and concerned citizens. The plan shall prioritize areas for control. Nothing in this subsection prohibits the department from taking action to control spartina in a particular area of the state in accordance with a plan previously prepared by the state while preparing the statewide plan;
(c) Directing on the ground control efforts that include, but are not limited to: (i) Control work and contracts; (ii) spartina survey; (iii) collection and maintenance of spartina location data; (iv) purchasing equipment, goods, and services; (v) survey of threatened and endangered species; and (vi) site-specific environmental information and documents; and
(d) Evaluating the effectiveness of the control efforts.
The lead agency shall report to the appropriate standing committees of the house of representatives and the senate no later than December 15th of each year through the year 1999 on the progress of the program, the number of acres treated by various methods of control, and on the funds spent.
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