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Director's authorityRules.

The director shall administer and enforce the provisions of this chapter and rules adopted under this chapter.
(1) The director may adopt rules:
(a) Governing the loading, mixing, application and use, or prohibiting the loading, mixing, application, or use of any pesticide;
(b) Governing the time when, and the conditions under which restricted use pesticides shall or shall not be used in different areas as prescribed by the director in the state;
(c) Providing that any or all restricted use pesticides shall be purchased, possessed or used only under permit of the director and under the director's direct supervision in certain areas and/or under certain conditions or in certain quantities of concentrations; however, any person licensed to sell such pesticides may purchase and possess such pesticides without a permit;
(d) Establishing recordkeeping requirements for licensees, permittees, and certified applicators;
(e) Governing the fixing and collecting of examination fees;
(f) Fixing and collecting fees for recertification course sponsorship;
(g) Establishing testing procedures, licensing classifications, and requirements for licenses and permits, and criteria for assigning recertification credit to and procedures for department approval of courses as provided by this chapter;
(h) Concerning training by employers for employees who mix and load pesticides;
(i) Concerning minimum performance standards for spray boom and nozzles used in pesticide applications to minimize spray drift and establishing a list of approved spray nozzles that meet these standards; and
(j) Fixing and collecting permit fees.
(2) The director may adopt any other rules necessary to carry out the purpose and provisions of this chapter.


ConstructionSeverability1987 c 45: See notes following RCW 15.54.270.
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