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Notice and information as to noxious weed control.

Each activated county noxious weed control board must publish annually, and at other times as may be appropriate, in at least one newspaper of general circulation within its area, a general notice. The notice shall direct attention to the need for noxious weed control and give other information concerning noxious weed control requirements as may be appropriate, or indicate where such information may be secured. In addition to the general notice required, the county noxious weed control board may use any appropriate media for the dissemination of information to the public as may be calculated to bring the need for noxious weed control to the attention of owners. The board may consult with individual owners concerning their problems of noxious weed control and may provide them with information and advice, including giving specific instructions and methods when and how certain named weeds are to be controlled. The methods may include some combination of physical, mechanical, cultural, chemical, and/or biological methods, including livestock. Publication of a notice as required by this section is not a condition precedent to the enforcement of this chapter.
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