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*** CHANGE IN 2021 *** (SEE 1355-S.SL) ***
(1) In addition to the powers conferred on the director under other provisions of this chapter, the director, with the advice of the state noxious weed control board, has power to:
(a) Require the county legislative authority or the noxious weed control board of any county or any weed district to report to it concerning the presence, absence, or estimated amount of noxious weeds and measures, if any, taken or planned for the control thereof;
(b) Employ staff as may be necessary in the administration of this chapter;
(c) Adopt, amend, or repeal rules, pursuant to the administrative procedure act, chapter 34.05 RCW, as may be necessary to carry out this chapter;
(d) Do such things as may be necessary and incidental to the administration of its functions pursuant to this chapter including but not limited to surveying for and detecting noxious weed infestations;
(e) Upon receipt of a complaint signed by a majority of the members of an adjacent county noxious weed control board or weed district, or by one hundred registered voters that are land owners within the county, require the county legislative authority or noxious weed control board of the county or weed district that is the subject of the complaint to respond to the complaint within forty-five days with a plan for the control of the noxious weeds cited in the complaint;
(f) If the complaint in (e) of this subsection involves a class A or class B noxious weed, order the county legislative authority, noxious weed control board, or weed district to take immediate action to eradicate or control the noxious weed infestation. If the county or the weed district does not take action to control the noxious weed infestation in accordance with the order, the director may control it or cause it to be controlled. The county or weed district is liable for payment of the expense of the control work including necessary costs and expenses for attorneys' fees incurred by the director in securing payment from the county or weed district. The director may bring a civil action in a court of competent jurisdiction to collect the expenses of the control work, costs, and attorneys' fees;
(g) In counties without an activated noxious weed control board, enter upon any property as provided for in RCW 17.10.160, issue or cause to be issued notices and citations and take the necessary action to control noxious weeds as provided in RCW 17.10.170, hold hearings on any charge or cost of control action taken as provided for in RCW 17.10.180, issue a notice of civil infraction as provided for in RCW 17.10.230 and 17.10.310 through [and] 17.10.350, and place a lien on any property pursuant to RCW 17.10.280, 17.10.290, and 17.10.300 with the same authorities and responsibilities imposed by these sections on county noxious weed control boards;
(h) Adopt a list of noxious weed seeds and toxic weeds which shall be controlled in designated articles, products, or feed stuffs as provided for in RCW 17.10.235.
(2) The moneys appropriated for noxious weed control to the department shall be used for administration of the state noxious weed control board, the administration of the director's powers under this chapter, the purchase of materials for controlling, containing, or eradicating noxious weeds, the purchase or collection of biological control agents for controlling noxious weeds, and the contracting for services to carry out the purposes of this chapter. In a county with an activated noxious weed control board, the director shall make every effort to contract with that board for the needed services.
(3) If the director determines the need to reallocate funds previously designated for county use, the director shall convene a meeting of the state noxious weed control board to seek its advice concerning any reallocation.
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