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AssessmentsClassification of propertyTax levySpecial assessments.

(1) The directors shall annually determine the amount of money necessary to carry on the operations of the district and shall classify the property therein in proportion to the benefits to be derived from the operations of the district and in accordance with such classification shall prorate the cost so determined and shall levy assessments to be collected with the general taxes of the county. In the event that any bonded or warrant indebtedness pledging tax revenue of the district shall be outstanding on April 1, 1951, the directors may, for the sole purpose of retiring such indebtedness, continue to levy a tax upon all taxable property in the district until such bonded or warrant indebtedness shall have been retired.
(2) Activities and programs to limit economic loss and adverse effects due to the presence and spread of noxious weeds on all terrestrial and aquatic areas in the state are declared to be of special benefit, including to lands owned or held by the state, and may be used as the basis upon which special assessments are imposed by the county legislative authority, including upon lands owned or held by the state.
[ 2021 c 217 § 14; 1957 c 13 § 2. Prior: 1951 c 107 § 1; 1929 c 125 § 5, part; RRS § 2774-2.]


Validating1957 c 13: "The provisions of this act are retroactive and any actions or proceedings had or taken under the provisions of RCW 17.04.240, 17.04.250, 17.04.260, 17.08.050, 17.08.060, 17.08.070, 17.08.080, 17.08.090, 17.08.100 or 17.08.110 are hereby ratified, validated and confirmed." [ 1957 c 13 § 14.]
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