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Powers and dutiesRule making.

The powers and duties of the commission shall include the following:
(1) To administer and enforce the provisions of this chapter, and do all things reasonably necessary to effectuate the purposes of this chapter;
(2) To elect a chair and such other officers as it deems advisable;
(3) To employ and discharge at its discretion a manager, secretary, and such other personnel, including attorneys engaged in the private practice of law subject to the review of the attorney general, as the commission determines are necessary and proper to carry out the purposes of this chapter, and to prescribe their duties and powers and fix their compensation;
(4) To adopt, rescind, and amend rules, regulations, and orders for the exercise of its powers hereunder subject to the provisions of chapter 34.05 RCW, except that rule-making proceedings conducted under this chapter are exempt from compliance with RCW 34.05.310, the provisions of chapter 19.85 RCW, the regulatory fairness act, and the provisions of RCW 43.135.055 when adoption of the rule is determined by a referendum vote of the affected parties;
(5) To establish by resolution, a headquarters which shall continue as such unless and until so changed by the commission. All records, books, and minutes of the commission shall be kept at such headquarters;
(6) To require a bond of all commission members and employees of the commission in a position of trust in the amount the commission shall deem necessary. The premium for such bond or bonds shall be paid by the commission from assessments collected. Such bond shall not be necessary if any such commission member or employee is covered by any blanket bond covering officials or employees of the state of Washington;
(7) To establish a beef commission revolving fund, such fund to be deposited in a bank or banks or financial institution or institutions, approved for the deposit of state funds, in which all money received by the commission, except an amount of petty cash for each day's needs not to exceed one hundred dollars, shall be deposited each day or as often during the day as advisable; none of the provisions of RCW 43.01.050 as now or hereafter amended shall apply to money collected under this chapter;
(8) To prepare a detailed and explanatory budget or budgets covering anticipated income and expenses to be incurred in carrying out the provisions of this chapter during each fiscal year;
(9) To incur expense and enter into contracts and to create such liabilities as may be reasonable for the proper administration and enforcement of this chapter;
(10) To borrow money, not in excess of its estimate of its revenue from the current year's contributions;
(11) To keep or cause to be kept in accordance with accepted standards of good accounting practice, accurate records of all assessments, expenditures, moneys, and other financial transactions made and done pursuant to this chapter. Such records, books, and accounts shall be audited at least every five years subject to procedures and methods lawfully prescribed by the state auditor. Such books and accounts shall be closed as of the last day of each fiscal year. A copy of such audit shall be delivered within thirty days after completion thereof to the director, the state auditor, and the commission. On such years and in such event the state auditor is unable to audit the records, books, and accounts within six months following the close of the audit period it shall be mandatory that the commission employ a private auditor to make such audit;
(12) To sue and be sued as a commission, without individual liability for acts of the commission within the scope of the powers conferred upon it by this chapter;
(13) To cooperate with any other local, state, or national commission, organization, or agency, whether voluntary or established by state or federal law, including recognized livestock groups, engaged in work or activities similar to the work and activities of the commission created by this chapter and make contracts and agreements with such organizations or agencies for carrying on joint programs beneficial to the beef industry and sustainable stewardship of cattle;
(14) To accept grants, donations, contributions, or gifts from any governmental agency or private source for expenditures for any purpose consistent with the provisions of this chapter; and
(15) To operate jointly with beef commissions or similar agencies established by state laws in adjoining states.


Effective dates2002 c 313: See note following RCW 15.65.020.
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