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Public livestock market licenseApplicationContentsFeePublic hearing.

(1) No person shall operate a public livestock market without first having obtained a license from the director. Application for a license shall be in writing on forms prescribed by the director, and shall include the following:
(a) A nonrefundable original license application fee of two thousand dollars.
(b) A legal description of the property upon which the public livestock market shall be located.
(c) A complete description and blueprints or plans of the public livestock market physical plant, yards, pens, and all facilities the applicant proposes to use in the operation of such public livestock market.
(d) A financial statement, audited by a certified or licensed public accountant, to determine whether or not the applicant meets the minimum net worth requirements, established by the director by rule, to construct and/or operate a public livestock market. If the applicant is a subsidiary of a larger company, corporation, society, or cooperative association, both the parent company and the subsidiary company must submit a financial statement to determine whether or not the applicant meets the minimum net worth requirements. All financial statement information required by this subsection is confidential information and not subject to public disclosure.
(e) The schedule of rates and charges the applicant proposes to impose on the owners of livestock for services rendered in the operation of such livestock market.
(f) The weekly or monthly sales day or days on which the applicant proposes to operate his or her public livestock market sales and the class of livestock that may be sold on these days.
(g) Projected source and quantity of livestock anticipated to be handled.
(h) Projected gross dollar volume of business to be carried on, at, or through the public livestock market during the first year's operation.
(i) Facts upon which is based the conclusion that the trade area and the livestock industry will benefit because of the proposed market.
(j) Other information as the director may require by rule.
(2) If the director determines that the applicant meets all the requirements of subsection (1) of this section, the director shall conduct a public hearing as provided by chapter 34.05 RCW, and shall grant or deny an application for original license for a public livestock market after considering evidence and testimony relating to the requirements of this section and giving reasonable consideration to:
(a) Benefits to the livestock industry to be derived from the establishment and operation of the public livestock market proposed in the application;
(b) The geographical area that will be affected;
(c) The conflict, if any, with sales days already allocated in the area;
(d) The amount and class of livestock available for marketing in the area;
(e) Buyers available to the proposed market; and
(f) Any other conditions affecting the orderly marketing of livestock.
(3) Before a license is issued to operate a public livestock market, the applicant must:
(a) Execute and deliver to the director a surety bond as required under RCW 16.65.200;
(b) Provide evidence of a custodial account, as required under RCW 16.65.140, for the consignor's proceeds;
(c) Pay the appropriate license fee; and
(d) Provide other information required under this chapter and rules adopted under this chapter.


Effective dates2003 c 326: See RCW 16.57.902.
Prior legislative approval1994 c 46: "The reenactment of sections 12 through 20 of this act constitutes approval of fee increases for which prior legislative approval is required by RCW 43.135.055 (section 8, chapter 2, Laws of 1994, Initiative Measure No. 601)." [ 1994 c 46 § 26.]
Effective date1994 c 46: See note following RCW 15.58.070.
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