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Civil infractions—Time and mileage fee.

(1)(a) The department is authorized to issue notices of and enforce civil infractions in the manner prescribed under chapter 7.80 RCW.
(b) The violation of any provision of this chapter and/or rules adopted under this chapter shall constitute a class 1 civil infraction as provided under chapter 7.80 RCW unless otherwise specified herein.
(2) The department may charge a time and mileage fee for the cost of an investigation including inspecting animals and related records during an investigation of a proven violation of this chapter. The fee may be up to eighty-five dollars per hour and the current mileage rate set by the office of financial management. The director may increase the hourly fee by rule as necessary to cover costs of investigations. All fees collected pursuant to this subsection shall be deposited in an account in the agricultural local fund and used to carry out the purposes of this chapter.
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