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Retail pet storeSale of dog or catPenalty.

(1) Except as provided in this section, a retail pet store may not sell or offer for sale any dog or cat.
(2) A retail pet store that sold or offered for sale any dog prior to July 25, 2021, may sell or offer for sale a dog only if the retail pet store meets the following requirements:
(a) Any dog sold or offered for sale must be sold or offered for sale only at the address identified on the retail pet store's business license, as defined in RCW 19.02.020;
(b) Any dog sold or offered for sale must be obtained either:
(i) Directly from a breeder, including an out-of-state breeder, who satisfies the requirements of RCW 16.52.310; or
(ii) From a United States department of agriculture licensed broker pursuant to the federal animal welfare act, Title 7 U.S.C. Sec. 2131 et seq. as amended, that obtains dogs from a breeder in compliance with this section. A licensed broker shall provide all breeder documentation required by a breeder under this section as well as any applicable federal and state license numbers for the breeder or the broker;
(c) Any dog sold or offered for sale must possess documentation obtained from its breeder, either directly or through a United States department of agriculture licensed broker, demonstrating:
(i) The dog was not separated from its mother prior to the age of eight weeks; and
(ii) The breeder's compliance with RCW 16.52.310 on the date the dog was obtained from the breeder;
(d) A retail pet store shall, prior to obtaining a dog from a breeder or a broker, obtain all inspection reports for the breeder created by the United States department of agriculture within the previous three years, if applicable. A retail pet store shall maintain and, upon request, produce the records for a period of five years following the sale of a dog obtained from a breeder or broker;
(e) Any advertisement, including website postings, offering to sell a dog must include:
(i) A range of prices at which a dog, breed of dog, or dogs having other distinguishing traits are offered for sale;
(ii) The age of the dog; and
(iii) Supporting documentation providing the applicable federal or state license numbers for the breeder of the dog, if applicable;
(f) The retail pet store shall post in a location visible from the entrance of the retail pet store on a kiosk or other form of bulletin board the purchase price, age, and the following information on the dog's breeder:
(i) Full name;
(ii) Kennel name, if applicable;
(iii) City and state; and
(iv) Any applicable state or federal license numbers; and
(g) The retail pet store shall disclose to a prospective consumer in writing, prior to the sale of a dog, the following information about the dog:
(i) The purchase price of the dog; and
(ii) Any applicable federal or state license numbers and an unredacted list of all violations of any federal or state law the dog breeder or cat breeder received in the previous two years on a federal or state inspection report.
(3) A retail pet store may provide space and appropriate care for animals, including dogs and cats, owned by an animal care and control agency or animal rescue group for the purpose of adopting those animals to the public. Each retail pet store shall display on each cage or pen containing a dog or cat a label stating the certificate of source, including the name and address of the animal care and control agency or animal rescue group.
(4)(a) It is a class 1 civil infraction under chapter 7.80 RCW for any person or corporation who violates this section, subject to the maximum infraction of $250. The civil infraction may be served on the pet store's registered agent.
(i) An enforcement officer as defined in RCW 7.80.040 or an animal control officer under RCW 16.52.015 may investigate and enforce this section.
(ii) Appeals are pursuant to chapter 7.80 RCW.
(b) Any retail pet store that violates this section three or more times over a one-year period is prohibited from selling or offering to sell any dog or cat.
(5) Nothing in this section prohibits any city, town, or county from enacting or enforcing a local ordinance that places greater proscriptions on the sale of any animal by a retail pet store than proscribed by this section or that provides penalties equal to or greater than the penalties provided in this section.
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