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Swine, garbage feeding, licenseApplicationFeeInspection.

No person shall feed garbage to swine without first obtaining a license from the director. The license expires on June 30th of each year. Application for a license shall be accompanied by a fee of ten dollars which shall be credited to the general fund. The license is nontransferable and a separate license is required for each place of business if an operator has more than one feeding station.
Upon receipt of an application for a license to feed garbage, the director shall inspect the premises and determine whether the applicant meets the requirements of 9 C.F.R. Chapter 1 Part 166 as adopted by rule and any other rules adopted under this chapter. Upon approval of the application by the director and compliance with the provisions of this section, the applicant shall be issued a license. This section does not apply to any person feeding garbage from his or her own domestic household.


Feeding of carcasses to swine: RCW 16.68.150.
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