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Commission on integrated pest managementState appropriationsRestrictions on use of state moneyCommission approval required.

(1) This subsection applies to the use of state appropriations made to or legislatively intended for the commission on integrated pest management and to any other moneys appropriated by the state and received by the commission on integrated pest management:
(a) The moneys may not be expended without the express approval of the commission on integrated pest management;
(b) The moneys may be used for: (i) Evaluations, studies, or investigations approved by the commission on integrated pest management regarding the registration or reregistration of pesticides for minor crops or minor uses or regarding the availability of pesticides for emergency uses. These evaluations, studies, or investigations may be conducted by the food and environmental quality laboratory or may be secured by the commission from other qualified laboratories, researchers, or contractors by contract, which contracts may include, but are not limited to, those purchasing the use of proprietary information; (ii) evaluations, studies, or investigations approved by the commission regarding research, implementation, and demonstration of any aspect of integrated pest management and pesticide resistance management programs; (iii) the tracking system described in RCW 15.92.060; and (iv) the support of the commission on integrated pest management and its activities; and
(c) Not less than 25 percent of such moneys shall be dedicated to studies or investigations concerning the registration or use of pesticides for crops that are not among the top 20 agricultural commodities in production value produced in the state, as determined annually by the Washington agricultural statistics service.
(2) The commission on integrated pest management shall establish priorities to guide it in approving the use of moneys for evaluations, studies, and investigations under this section. Each biennium, the commission shall prepare a contingency plan for providing funding for laboratory studies or investigations that are necessary to pesticide registrations or related processes that will address emergency conditions for agricultural crops that are not generally predicted at the beginning of the biennium.
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