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Primary activitiesCooperative with University of Washington.

The center is to work cooperatively with the University of Washington to maximize the use of financial resources in addressing forestry issues. The center's primary activities include but are not limited to:
(1) Research programs which focus on developing possible alternative production and marketing systems through:
(a) Integrated pest management;
(b) Biological pest control;
(c) Plant and animal breeding;
(d) Conservation strategies; and
(e) Understanding the ecological basis of nutrient management;
(2) Extension programs which focus on:
(a) On-farm demonstrations and evaluation of alternative production practices;
(b) Information dissemination, and education concerning sustainable agriculture and natural resource systems; and
(c) Communication and training on sustainable agriculture strategies for consumers, producers, and farm and conservation-related organizations;
(3) On-farm testing and research to calculate and demonstrate costs and benefits, including economic and environmental benefits and trade-offs, inherent in farming systems and technologies;
(4) Crop rotation and other natural resource processes such as pest-predator interaction to mitigate weed, disease, and insect problems, thereby reducing soil erosion and environmental impacts;
(5) Management systems to improve nutrient uptake, health, and resistance to diseases and pests by incorporating the genetic and biological potential of plants and animals into production practices;
(6) Soil management, including conservation tillage and other practices to minimize soil loss and maintain soil productivity; and
(7) Animal production systems emphasizing preventive disease practices and mitigation of environmental pollution.
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