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List of producers of beerReporting system.

(1) The commission shall prepare a list of all producers from information available from the *liquor control board, the department, or the producers' association. This list must contain the names and addresses of producers within this state and the amount, by barrelage, of beer produced during the period designated by the commission. A qualified person may, at any time, have his or her name placed upon the list by delivering or mailing the information to the commission. This list shall be corrected and brought up-to-date in accordance with evidence and information available to the commission by December 31st of each year. For the purposes of giving notice and holding referendums, the list updated before the date for issuing notices or ballots is the list of all producers entitled to notice, to assent or dissent, or to vote. Inadvertent failure to notify a producer does not invalidate a proceeding conducted under this chapter.
(2) It is the responsibility of producers to ensure that their correct address is filed with the commission. It is also the responsibility of producers to submit production data to the commission as prescribed by this chapter.
(3) The commission shall develop a reporting system to document that the producers in this state are reporting quantities of beer produced and are paying the assessment as provided in RCW 15.89.110.


*Reviser's note: The "state liquor control board" was renamed the "state liquor and cannabis board" by 2015 c 70 § 3.
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