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Annual assessment on harvested vinifera grapesApproval by referendumRules.

(1) Pursuant to approval by referendum in accordance with RCW 15.88.140, commencing on July 1, 1989, there shall be levied, and the commission shall collect, upon all vinifera grapes grown within this state an annual assessment of three dollars per ton of vinifera grapes harvested to be paid by the grower of the grapes.
(2) The commission shall recommend rules to the director prescribing the time, place, and method for payment and collection of this assessment. For such purpose, the commission may recommend that the director, by rule, require the wine producers or handlers within this state to collect the grower assessments from growers whose vinifera grapes they purchase or accept delivery and remit the assessments to the commission, and provide for collecting assessments from growers who ship directly out of state.
(3) After considering any recommendations made under subsection (2) of this section, the director shall adopt rules, in accordance with chapter 34.05 RCW, prescribing the time, place, and method for the payment and collection of the assessment levied under this section and approved under RCW 15.88.140.
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