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Legislative declaration.

The legislature declares that:
(1) Marketing is a dynamic and changing part of Washington agriculture and a vital element in expanding the state economy.
(2) The sale in the state and export to other states and abroad of wine made in the state contribute substantial benefits to the economy of the state, provide a large number of jobs and sizeable tax revenues, and have an important stabilizing effect on prices received by agricultural producers. Development of exports of these commodities abroad will contribute favorably to the balance of trade of the United States and of the state. The sale and export are therefore affected with the public interest.
(3) The production of wine grapes in the state is a new and important segment of Washington agriculture which has potential for greater contribution to the economy of the state if it undergoes healthy development.
(4) The general welfare of the people of the state will be served by healthy development of the activities of growing and processing wine grapes, which development will improve the tax bases of local communities in which agricultural land and processing facilities are located, and obviate the need for state and federal funding of local services. The industries are therefore affected with the public interest.
(5) Creation of a commission for the public purpose of administering the revenue of the commission under RCW 66.24.210(3) for the enhancement of production of wine grapes and wine and the marketing of Washington wine will materially advance the industries of growing and processing wine grapes and thereby the interests of the citizens of the state.
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