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Unlawful practices of association of producers or members.

It shall be unlawful for any accredited association of producers or members of such association to engage, or permit any employee or agent to engage, in the following practices:
(1) To refuse to negotiate with a handler for any qualified commodity for which the association is accredited under RCW 15.83.020;
(2) To coerce or intimidate a handler to breach, cancel, or terminate a marketing contract with an individual producer, association of producers, or a member of an association;
(3) To knowingly make or circulate false reports about the finances, management, or activities of an association of producers or a handler;
(4) To coerce or intimidate a producer to enter into, breach, cancel, or terminate a membership agreement or marketing contract with an association of producers;
(5) To conspire, agree, or arrange with any other person to do, aid, or abet any practice which is in violation of this chapter; or
(6) To pay or loan money, give anything of value, or offer any other inducement or reward to a producer for refusing to contract or negotiate with a processor.
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