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The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly require[s] otherwise.
(1) "Certified weight" means any signed certified statement or memorandum of weight, measure, or count, issued by a weighmaster or weigher in accordance with the provisions of this chapter or any rule adopted under it.
(2) "Commodity" means anything that may be weighed, measured, or counted in a commercial transaction.
(3) "Department" means the department of agriculture of the state of Washington.
(4) "Director" means the director of the department or the director's duly appointed representative.
(5) "Licensed public weighmaster," also referred to as "weighmaster," means any person, licensed under the provisions of this chapter, who weighs, measures, or counts any commodity or thing and issues therefor a signed certified statement, ticket, or memorandum of weight, measure, or count accepted as the accurate weight, or count upon which the purchase or sale of any commodity or upon which the basic charge or payment for services rendered is based.
(6) "Person" means a natural person, individual, or firm, partnership, corporation, company, society, or association. This term shall import either the singular or plural, as the case may be.
(7) "Retail merchant" means and includes any person operating from a bona fide fixed or permanent location at which place all of the retail business of the merchant is transacted, and whose business is exclusively retail except for the occasional wholesaling of small quantities of surplus commodities that have been taken in exchange for merchandise from the producers thereof at the bona fide fixed or permanent location.
(8) "Thing" means anything used to move, handle, transport, or contain any commodity for which a certified weight, measure, or count is issued when such thing is used to handle, transport, or contain a commodity.
(9) "Vehicle" means any device, other than a railroad car, in, upon, or by which any commodity is or may be transported or drawn.
(10) "Weigher" means any person who is licensed under the provisions of this chapter and who is an agent or employee of a weighmaster and authorized by the weighmaster to issue certified statements of weight, measure, or count.
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