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Duty of attorney general and prosecuting attorneysInvestigation and hearing by director.

Upon the request of the director or his or her designee, it shall be the duty of the attorney general of the state of Washington and of the several prosecuting attorneys in their respective counties to institute proceedings to enforce the remedies and to collect the moneys provided for or pursuant to this chapter. Whenever the director and/or his or her designee has reason to believe that any person has violated or is violating the provisions of any marketing agreement or order issued pursuant to this chapter, the director and/or his or her designee shall have and is hereby granted the power to institute an investigation and, after due notice to such person, to conduct a hearing in order to determine the facts for the purpose of referring the matter to the attorney general or to the appropriate prosecuting attorney for appropriate action. The provisions contained in RCW 15.65.090, 15.65.100 and 15.65.110 shall apply with respect to such hearings.


Purpose2011 c 103: See note following RCW 15.26.120.
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