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Time, place, method for payment and collection of assessments.

The director shall prescribe in each marketing order and agreement the time, place, and method for payment and collection of assessments under such order or agreement upon any uniform basis applicable alike to all producers subject to such assessment, and upon the same or any other uniform basis applicable alike to all handlers subject to such assessment. For such purpose the director may, by the terms of the marketing order or agreement:
(1) Require stamps to be purchased from him or her or his or her designee and attached to the containers, invoices, shipping documents, inspection certificates, releases, or receiving receipts or tickets (said stamps to be canceled immediately upon being attached and the date of cancellation placed thereon); or
(2) Require handlers to collect producer assessments from producers whose production they handle and remit the same to the director or his or her designee; or
(3) Require the person subject to the assessment to give adequate assurance or security for its payment; or
(4) Require in the case of assessments against affected units stored in frozen condition:
(a) Cold storage facilities storing such commodity to file information and reports with the department or affected commission regarding the amount of commodity in storage, the date of receipt, and the name and address of each such owner; and
(b) That such commodity not be shipped from a cold storage facility until the facility has been notified by the commission that the commodity owner has paid the commission for any assessments imposed by the marketing order.
Unless the director has otherwise provided in any marketing order or agreement, assessments payable by producers shall be paid prior to the time when the affected unit is shipped off the farm, and assessments payable to handlers shall be paid prior to the time when the affected units are received by or for the account of the first handler. No affected units shall be transported, carried, shipped, sold, marketed, or otherwise handled or disposed of until every due and payable assessment herein provided for has been paid by the producer or first handler and the receipt issued.
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