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Agreement and order provisions for uniform grades and standardsEnforcementRules.

Any marketing agreement or order may contain provisions which directly provide for, or which authorize the director or his or her designee to provide by rules and regulations for, any one or more, or all, of the following: (1) Establishing uniform grades and standards of quality, condition, maturity, size, weight, pack, packages, and/or label for the affected commodity or any products thereof; (2) requiring producers, handlers, and/or other persons to conform to such grades and/or standards in packing, packaging, processing, labeling, selling, or otherwise commercially disposing of the affected commodity and/or in offering, advertising, and/or delivering it therefor; (3) providing for inspection and enforcement to ascertain and effectuate compliance; (4) establishing rules and regulations respecting the foregoing; (5) providing that the director or his or her designee shall carry out inspection and enforcement of, and may (within the general provisions of the agreement or order) establish detailed provisions relating to, such standards and grades and such rules and regulations: PROVIDED, That any modification not of a substantial nature, such as the modification of standards within a certain grade may be made without a hearing, and shall not be considered an amendment for the purposes of this chapter.
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