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The legislature finds that the growing, production, or formation of seed from plants of the genus Brassica for the purpose of producing seed, oil, biofuel or associated by-products, commercial vegetables, forage, or cover crops is in the interest of the public welfare. The legislature finds that species, hybrids, varieties, and variations of plants of the genus Brassica have potential to form genetic crosses, particularly when they are grown in geographic proximity, and will, if not properly regulated, result in significant loss of quality, purity, and value in the seed produced.
The legislature finds that production of biofuel using Brassica seed crops, generally known as canola or rapeseed, can help citizens and businesses conserve energy and reduce the use of petroleum-based fuels, improve air and water quality, and create new industries and jobs for Washington citizens. The legislature also finds that Washington state offers conditions uniquely suited to the production of high quality, high value Brassica vegetable seed, and that the vegetable seed industry is a significant contributor to the diversity and economic viability of the agricultural community.
The purpose of chapter 181, Laws of 2007 is to provide for the orderly production of potentially incompatible varieties of Brassica seed crops.
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