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Research, advertising, educational campaignIncrease or decrease of assessmentsProcedure.

(1) In order to adequately advertise and market Washington dairy products in the domestic, national and foreign markets, and to make such advertising and marketing research and development as extensive as public interest and necessity require, and to put into force and effect the policy of this chapter 15.44 RCW, the commission shall provide for and conduct a comprehensive and extensive research, advertising and educational campaign, and keep such research, advertising and education as continuous as the production, sales, and market conditions reasonably require.
(2) The commission shall investigate and ascertain the needs of dairy products and producers, the conditions of the markets, and the extent to which public convenience and necessity require advertising and research to be conducted.
(3)(a) The commission may decrease or increase the current level of assessment provided for in RCW 15.44.080 following a hearing conducted in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act, chapter 34.05 RCW: PROVIDED, That the current level of assessment established in this manner shall not exceed the maximum authorized assessment rate established by producers in the most recent referendum.
(b) Upon receipt of a petition bearing the names of twenty percent of the producers requesting a reduction in the current level of assessment, the commission shall hold a hearing in accordance with chapter 34.05 RCW to receive producer testimony. After considering the testimony of the producer, the commission may adjust the current level of assessment.
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