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Powers and duties.

The commission shall have the power and duty to:
(1) Elect a chair and such other officers as it deems advisable, and adopt, rescind, and amend rules, regulations, and orders for the exercise of its powers, which shall have the effect of law when not inconsistent with existing laws;
(2) Administer and enforce the provisions of this chapter and perform all acts and exercise all powers reasonably necessary to effectuate the purpose hereof;
(3) Employ and discharge advertising counsel, advertising agents, and such attorneys, agents, and employees as it deems necessary, and prescribe their duties and powers and fix their compensation;
(4) Establish offices, incur expenses, enter into contracts, and create such liabilities as are reasonable and proper for the proper administration of this chapter;
(5) Investigate and prosecute violations of this chapter;
(6) Conduct scientific research designed to improve milk production, quality, transportation, processing, and distribution and to develop and discover uses for products of milk and its derivatives;
(7) Make in its name such contracts and other agreements as are necessary to build demand and promote the sale of dairy products on either a state, national, or foreign basis;
(8) Keep accurate records of all its dealings, which shall be open to public inspection and audit by the regular agencies of the state;
(9) Conduct the necessary research to develop more efficient and equitable methods of marketing dairy products, and enter upon, singly or in participation with others, the promotion and development of state, national, or foreign markets;
(10) Participate in federal and state agency hearings, meetings, and other proceedings relating to the regulation of the production, manufacture, distribution, sale, or use of dairy products, to provide educational meetings and seminars for the dairy industry on such matters, and to expend commission funds for such activities;
(11) Retain the services of private legal counsel to conduct legal actions, on behalf of the commission. The retention of a private attorney is subject to the review of the office of the attorney general;
(12) Work cooperatively with other local, state, and federal agencies, universities, and national organizations for the purposes of this chapter;
(13) Accept and expend or retain any gifts, bequests, contributions, or grants from private persons or private and public agencies to carry out the purposes of this chapter;
(14) Engage in appropriate fund-raising activities for the purpose of supporting activities of the commission authorized by this chapter;
(15) Expend funds for commodity-related education, training, and leadership programs as the commission deems appropriate;
(16) Work cooperatively with nonprofit and other organizations to carry out the purposes of this chapter; and
(17) Conduct research and education related to economic uses of nutrients produced by dairy farms.


Effective dates2002 c 313: See note following RCW 15.65.020.
Severability1979 ex.s. c 238: See note following RCW 15.44.010.
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