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The director shall call meetings at times and places concurred upon by the director and the commission for the purpose of nominating producer, dealer or processor members for potential appointment to the commission when such members' terms are about to expire. Notice of such meetings shall be given at least sixty days prior to the time the respective members' term is about to expire. The nominating meetings shall be held at least sixty days prior to the expiration of the respective members' term of office.
Notice shall be given by the commission by mail to all known persons having a right to vote for such respective nominee's potential appointment to the commission.
Further, the commission shall publish notice at least once in a newspaper of general circulation in the district where the nomination is to be held. Such a newspaper may be published daily or weekly. The failure of any person entitled to receive notice of such nominating meeting shall not invalidate such nominating meeting or the appointment of a member nominated at such meeting.
Any person qualified to serve on the commission may be nominated orally at the nomination meetings. Written nominations, signed by five persons qualified to vote for the said nominee, may be made for five days subsequent to the nomination meeting. Such written nominations shall be filed with the commission at its Yakima office.
The director shall cause an advisory vote to be held for commission positions. The advisory vote shall be by secret mail ballot. Persons qualified to vote for members of the commission shall, except as otherwise provided by law or rule or regulation of the commission, vote only in the district in which their activities make them eligible to vote for a potential member of the commission.
A producer to be eligible to vote in the advisory vote for a nominee as a producer member of the commission must be a commercial producer of soft tree fruits paying assessments to the commission.
When a legal entity acting as a producer, dealer, or processor is qualified to vote for a candidate in any district or area to serve in a specified position on the commission, such legal entity may cast only one vote for such candidate, regardless of the number of persons comprising such legal entity or stockholders owning stock therein.


Effective date2003 c 396: See note following RCW 15.66.030.
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