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Actions by department to establish a successor organization.

In order to accomplish the establishment of a successor organization, the department and its fiscal agent may take all necessary and proper steps, including:
(1) Transferring any equipment, software, database, other assets except the logo of the program, or contracts for services to the successor organization under appropriate terms and conditions, including reasonable compensation deemed appropriate by the department. The department shall retain the right to repossess any property transferred to the successor organization in the event that the successor organization dissolves, becomes bankrupt, insolvent, or is otherwise unable to carry out the program, or if the successor organization fails to comply with any contract with the department. In the event that the department exercises its right to repossess under this section, any property returned to the department becomes the property of the state and is administered by the department;
(2) Unless otherwise provided by agreement, assigning any contracts and other duties and responsibilities to the successor organization related to the program; and
(3) Providing necessary support services to the successor organization under contract for up to a two-year period after the effective date of a contract between a successor organization and the department for the delivery of program services. The successor organization shall provide full reimbursement for all costs of services contracted for under this subsection.
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