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After initial election of membersRulesAnnual meetingsPublic notice.

(1) After the initial election of commission members, the commission shall establish rules for electing commission members, including the method used for notification, nominating, and voting. The commission may create commission districts and boundaries, and may also establish a weighted voting procedure for election of commission members. The commission shall hold its annual meeting during the month of October each year for the purpose of nominating commission members and the transaction of other business. Public notice of the meeting shall be given by the commission in the manner it determines is appropriate. A producer may on his or her own motion file his or her name with the commission for the purpose of receiving notice of the meeting. The nonreceipt of the notice by any interested person does not invalidate the proceedings.
(2) Prior to the nomination of commission members, the department of revenue shall provide the commission with a list of all qualified producers within the state based upon tax records of the department.
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