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Initial meetingNominations for initial election of membersSubsequent efforts when approval not given.

(1) The director shall call the initial meeting of producers of forest products for the purpose of nominating their respective members of the commission after receiving notice from an association representing producers of forest products that substantial interest exists in forming a forest products commission. Public notice of the meeting shall be given by the director in the manner the director determines is appropriate. A producer may on his or her own motion file his or her name with the director for the purpose of receiving notice of the meeting. The nonreceipt of the notice by any interested person does not invalidate the proceedings.
(2) Prior to the nomination of commission members, the department of revenue shall provide the director with a list of all qualified producers within the state based upon tax records of the department.
(3) For the initial election of commission members, any qualified producer may be nominated orally for a commissioner position at the meeting convened by the director. Nominations may also be made within five days prior to the meeting by a written petition filed with the department, signed by at least five producers who reside in the state. If the director determines that one of the positions from eastern Washington will go unfilled because of a lack of candidates, the director shall announce that this position shall be filled by a member from western Washington. If the position designated for eastern Washington is filled by a member from western Washington because of a lack of candidates from eastern Washington, this position shall be designated as position number seven by the director for purposes of RCW 15.100.030(5). Under no circumstances will there be less than two board members from eastern Washington.
(4) The initial members of the commission shall be elected by secret mail ballot under the supervision of the director at the same time the referendum is submitted under RCW 15.100.120 calling for the creation of the commission and the imposition of the initial assessment. If a nominee does not receive a majority of the votes on the first ballot, a runoff election shall be held by mail in a similar manner between the two candidates for the position receiving the largest number of votes.
(5) If the director determines under RCW 15.100.120(3) that the requisite approval for the establishment of a commission has not been given, any subsequent efforts to create a commission must follow the procedures established under this chapter for the initial nomination and election of members.
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