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Order establishing guardianship.

(1) If the court has made the findings required under RCW 13.90.030, the court shall issue an order establishing a vulnerable youth guardianship for the vulnerable youth. The order shall:
(a) Appoint a person to be the guardian for the vulnerable youth;
(b) Provide that the guardian shall ensure that the legal rights of the vulnerable youth are not violated, and may specify the guardian's other rights and responsibilities concerning the care, custody, and nurturing of the vulnerable youth;
(c) Specify that the guardian shall not have possession of any identity documents belonging to the vulnerable youth; and
(d) Specify the need for and scope of continued oversight by the court, if any.
(2) Unless specifically ordered by the court, the standards and requirements for relocation in chapter 26.09 RCW do not apply to vulnerable youth guardianships established under this chapter.
(3) The court shall provide a certified copy of the vulnerable youth guardianship order to the vulnerable youth and the guardian.
(4) For an unrepresented vulnerable youth whose vulnerable youth guardian is a suitable person, as defined in RCW 13.90.010, the court shall provide a list of service providers and available resources for survivors of human trafficking, such as any relevant lists or materials created by the Washington state task force against the trafficking of persons under RCW 7.68.350.
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