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Youth court programs.

(1) The administrative office of the courts shall encourage the juvenile courts to work with cities and counties to implement, expand, or use youth court programs for juveniles who commit diversion-eligible offenses, civil, or traffic infractions. Program operations of youth court programs may be funded by government and private grants. Youth court programs are limited to those that:
(a) Are developed using the guidelines for creating and operating youth court programs developed by nationally recognized experts in youth court projects;
(b) Target offenders age eight through seventeen; and
(c) Emphasize the following principles:
(i) Youth must be held accountable for their problem behavior;
(ii) Youth must be educated about the impact their actions have on themselves and others including their victims, their families, and their community;
(iii) Youth must develop skills to resolve problems with their peers more effectively; and
(iv) Youth should be provided a meaningful forum to practice and enhance newly developed skills.
(2) Youth court programs under this section may be established by private nonprofit organizations and schools, upon prior approval and under the supervision of juvenile court.
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