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Student records and informationReasons for releaseWho may request.

(1) Pursuant to RCW 28A.600.475, and to the extent permitted by the family educational and privacy rights act of 1974, 20 U.S.C. Sec. 1232g(b), and in order to serve the juvenile while in detention and to prepare any postconviction services, schools shall make all student records and information necessary for risk assessment, security classification, and placement available to court personnel and the department within three working days of a request under this section.
(2)(a) When a juvenile has one or more prior convictions, a request for records shall be made by the county prosecuting attorney, or probation department if available, to the school not more than ten days following the juvenile's arrest or detention, whichever occurs later, and prior to trial. The request may be made by subpoena.
(b) Where a juvenile has no prior conviction, a request to release records shall be made by subpoena upon the juvenile's conviction. When the request for a juvenile's student records and information is made by subpoena following conviction, the court or other issuing agency shall order the school on which the subpoena is served not to disclose to any person the existence or contents of the subpoena or any information furnished in response to the subpoena. When the court or issuing agency so orders, the school shall not provide notice to the juvenile or his or her parents.


IntentFindingEffective date1998 c 269: See notes following RCW 72.05.020.
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