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At-risk youth servicesIntent.

It is the intent of the legislature to:
(1) Preserve, strengthen, and reconcile families experiencing problems with at-risk youth;
(2) Provide a legal process by which parents who are experiencing problems with at-risk youth can request and receive assistance from juvenile courts in providing appropriate care, treatment, and supervision to such youth; and
(3) Assess the effectiveness of the family reconciliation services program.
The legislature does not intend by this enactment to grant any parent the right to file an at-risk youth petition or receive juvenile court assistance in dealing with an at-risk youth. The purpose of chapter 276, Laws of 1990 is to create a process by which a parent of an at-risk youth may request and receive assistance subject to the availability of juvenile court services and resources. Recognizing that these services and resources are limited, the legislature intends that counties have the authority to impose reasonable limits on the utilization of juvenile court services and resources in matters related to at-risk youth. Any responsibilities imposed upon the department under chapter 276, Laws of 1990 shall be contingent upon the availability of funds specifically appropriated by the legislature for such purpose.
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