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Board of visitation.

In each county, the judge presiding over the juvenile court sessions, as defined in this chapter, may appoint a board of four reputable citizens, who shall serve without compensation, to constitute a board of visitation, whose duty it shall be to visit as often as twice a year all institutions, societies and associations within the county receiving children under this chapter, as well as all homes for children or other places where individuals are holding themselves out as caretakers of children, also to visit other institutions, societies and associations within the state receiving and caring for children, whenever requested to do so by the judge of the juvenile court: PROVIDED, The actual expenses of such board may be paid by the county commissioners when members thereof are requested to visit institutions outside of the county seat, and no member of the board shall be required to visit any institutions outside the county unless his or her actual traveling expenses shall be paid as aforesaid. Such visits shall be made by not less than two members of the board, who shall go together or make a joint report. The board of visitors shall report to the court from time to time the condition of children received by or in charge of such institutions, societies, associations, or individuals. It shall be the duty of every institution, society, or association, or individual receiving and caring for children to permit any member or members of the board of visitation to visit and inspect such institution, society, association or home where such child is kept, in all its departments, so that a full report may be made to the court.
[ 2010 c 8 § 4002; 1913 c 160 § 18; RRS § 1987-18.]
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