Chapter 11.98B RCW



HTMLPDF 11.98B.005Short title.
HTMLPDF 11.98B.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 11.98B.020ApplicabilityPrincipal place of administration.
HTMLPDF 11.98B.030ApplicabilityExclusionsPower of appointment.
HTMLPDF 11.98B.040Common law and principles of equity supplement.
HTMLPDF 11.98B.050Trust directorPower of direction.
HTMLPDF 11.98B.060Trust directorPower of directionLimitations.
HTMLPDF 11.98B.070Trust directorDuties and liability.
HTMLPDF 11.98B.080Directed trusteeDuties and liability.
HTMLPDF 11.98B.090Duty to provide information to trust director or trustee.
HTMLPDF 11.98B.100No duty to monitor, inform, or advise trust director or trustee.
HTMLPDF 11.98B.110Application to cotrustee.
HTMLPDF 11.98B.120Trust directorAction againstLimitation.
HTMLPDF 11.98B.130Trust directorAction againstDefenses.
HTMLPDF 11.98B.140Trust directorPersonal jurisdiction.
HTMLPDF 11.98B.150Trust directorRules applicable to trustees apply.
HTMLPDF 11.98B.900Uniformity of application and construction.
HTMLPDF 11.98B.901Relation to electronic signatures in global and national commerce act.
HTMLPDF 11.98B.902Effective date2020 c 303.