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Claims. (Effective until January 1, 2022.)

(1) DUTY OF GUARDIAN TO PAY. A guardian of the estate is under a duty to pay from the estate all just claims against the estate of the incapacitated person, whether they constitute liabilities of the incapacitated person which arose prior to the guardianship or liabilities properly incurred by the guardian for the benefit of the incapacitated person or his or her estate and whether arising in contract or in tort or otherwise, upon allowance of the claim by the court or upon approval of the court in a settlement of the guardian's accounts. The duty of the guardian to pay from the estate shall not preclude the guardian's personal liability for his or her own contracts and acts made and performed on behalf of the estate as it exists according to the common law. If it appears that the estate is likely to be exhausted before all existing claims are paid, preference shall be given to (a) the expenses of administration including guardian's fees, attorneys' fees, and court costs; (b) prior claims for the care, maintenance and education of the incapacitated person and of the person's dependents over other claims. Subject to court orders limiting such powers, a limited guardian of an estate shall have the same authority to pay claims.
(2) CLAIMS MAY BE PRESENTED. Any person having a claim against the estate of an incapacitated person, or against the guardian of his or her estate as such, may file a written claim with the court for determination at any time before it is barred by the statute of limitations. After ten days' notice to a guardian or limited guardian, a hearing on the claim shall be held, at which upon proof thereof and after consideration of any defenses or objections by the guardian, the court may enter an order for its allowance and payment from the estate. Any action against the guardian of the estate as such shall be deemed a claim duly filed.


Effective date1990 c 122: See note following RCW 11.88.005.
Actions against guardian: RCW 11.92.060.
Claims against estate of deceased incompetent person or individual with a disability: RCW 11.88.150.
Disbursement for claims on termination of guardianship or limited guardianship: RCW 11.88.140.
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