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Oath and bond of guardian or limited guardian. (Effective until January 1, 2022.)

Before letters of guardianship are issued, each guardian or limited guardian shall take and subscribe an oath and, unless dispensed with by order of the court as provided in RCW 11.88.105, file a bond, with sureties to be approved by the court, payable to the state, in such sum as the court may fix, taking into account the character of the assets on hand or anticipated and the income to be received and disbursements to be made, and such bond shall be conditioned substantially as follows:
The condition of this obligation is such, that if the above bound A.B., who has been appointed guardian or limited guardian for C.D., shall faithfully discharge the office and trust of such guardian or limited guardian according to law and shall render a fair and just account of his or her guardianship or limited guardianship to the superior court of the county of . . . . . ., from time to time as he or she shall thereto be required by such court, and comply with all orders of the court, lawfully made, relative to the goods, chattels, moneys, care, management, and education of such incapacitated person, or his or her property, and render and pay to such incapacitated person all moneys, goods, chattels, title papers, and effects which may come into the hands or possession of such guardian or limited guardian, at such time and in such manner as the court may order, then this obligation shall be void, otherwise it shall remain in effect.
The bond shall be for the use of the incapacitated person, and shall not become void upon the first recovery, but may be put in suit from time to time against all or any one of the obligors, in the name and for the use and benefit of any person entitled by the breach thereof, until the whole penalty is recovered thereon. The court may require an additional bond whenever for any reason it appears to the court that an additional bond should be given.
In all guardianships or limited guardianships of the person, and in all guardianship or limited guardianships of the estate, in which the petition alleges that the alleged incapacitated person has total assets of a value of less than three thousand dollars, the court may dispense with the requirement of a bond pending filing of an inventory confirming that the estate has total assets of less than three thousand dollars: PROVIDED, That the guardian or limited guardian shall swear to report to the court any changes in the total assets of the incapacitated person increasing their value to over three thousand dollars: PROVIDED FURTHER, That the guardian or limited guardian shall file a yearly statement showing the monthly income of the incapacitated person if said monthly income, excluding moneys from state or federal benefits, is over the sum of five hundred dollars per month for any three consecutive months.


Effective date1990 c 122: See note following RCW 11.88.005.
Severability1977 ex.s. c 309: See note following RCW 11.88.005.
Citation of surety on bond: RCW 11.92.056.
Suretyship: Chapter 19.72 RCW.
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