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Sale of propertyApplication of proceeds and income.

If necessary to pay debts against the absentee which have been duly approved and allowed in the same form and manner as provided for the approving and allowing of claims against the estate of a deceased person or for such other purpose as the court may deem proper for the preservation of the estate, the trustee may sell, lease, or mortgage real or personal property of the estate under order of the court so to do, which order shall specify the particular property affected and the method, whether by public sale, private sale, or by negotiation, and the terms thereof, and the trustee shall hold the proceeds of such sale, after deducting the necessary expenses thereof, subject to the order of the court. The trustee is authorized and empowered to, by order of the court, expend the proceeds received from the sale of such property, and also the rents, issues, and profits accruing therefrom in the care, maintenance, and upkeep of the property, so long as the trusteeship shall continue, and the trustee shall receive out of such property such compensation for his or her services and those of his or her attorney as may be fixed by the court. The notices and procedures in conducting sales, leases, and mortgages hereunder shall be as provided in chapter 11.56 RCW.


Rules of court: SPR 98.12W.
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