Chapter 11.80 RCW



11.80.010PetitionNoticeHearingAppointment of trustee.
11.80.020Inventory and appraisementBond of trustee.
11.80.030Reports of trustee.
11.80.040Sale of propertyApplication of proceeds and income.
11.80.050Allowance for support of dependentsSale of property.
11.80.055Continuation of absentee's businessPerformance of absentee's contracts.
11.80.060Removal or resignation of trusteeFinal account.
11.80.070Period of trusteeship.
11.80.080Provisional distributionNotice of hearingWill.
11.80.090HearingDistributionBond of distributees.
11.80.100Final distributionNotice of hearingDecree.
11.80.110Escheat for want of presumptive heirs.
11.80.120Personnel missing in action, interned, or captured construed as "absentee."
11.80.130Summary procedure without full trustee proceedingWhen permittedApplication for orderForm.


Unknown heirs, etc.Pleading, etc.: RCW 4.28.140 through 4.28.160; Rules of court: CR 10.
Written finding of presumed death, missing in action, etc.: RCW 5.40.020 through 5.40.040.