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Immunity of award from debts and claims of creditors. (Effective until August 1, 2024.)

(1) Except as provided in RCW 11.54.060(2), property awarded and cash paid under this chapter is immune from all debts, including judgments and judgment liens, of the decedent and of the surviving spouse or surviving domestic partner existing at the time of death.
(2) Both the decedent's and the surviving spouse's or surviving domestic partner's interests in any community property awarded to the spouse or domestic partner under this chapter are immune from the claims of creditors.


Part headings not lawSeverability2008 c 6: See RCW 26.60.900 and 26.60.901.
Retroactive application1998 c 292: "(1) Sections 201 through 205 of this act are remedial in nature and apply retroactively to July 27, 1997, and thereafter.
(2) Section 301 of this act is remedial in nature and applies retroactively to July 1, 1991, and thereafter." [ 1998 c 292 s 604.]
Effective dates1998 c 292: See RCW 11.11.903.
Application1997 c 252 ss 1-73: See note following RCW 11.02.005.
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