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Basis for protective arrangement instead of guardianship for adult.

(1) After the hearing on a petition under RCW 11.130.270 for a guardianship or under RCW 11.130.580(2) for a protective arrangement instead of guardianship, the court may issue an order under subsection (2) of this section for a protective arrangement instead of guardianship if the court finds by clear and convincing evidence that:
(a) The respondent lacks the ability to meet essential requirements for physical health, safety, or self-care because the respondent is unable to receive and evaluate information or make or communicate decisions, even with appropriate supportive services, technological assistance, or supported decision making; and
(b) The respondent's identified needs cannot be met by a less restrictive alternative.
(2) If the court makes the findings under subsection (1) of this section, the court, instead of appointing a guardian, may:
(a) Authorize or direct a transaction necessary to meet the respondent's need for health, safety, or care, including:
(i) A particular medical treatment or refusal of a particular medical treatment; or
(ii) Visitation or supervised visitation between the respondent and another person;
(b) Restrict access to the respondent by a specified person whose access places the respondent at serious risk of physical, psychological, or financial harm; and
(c) Reorder other arrangements on a limited basis that are appropriate.
(3) In deciding whether to issue an order under this section, the court shall consider the factors under RCW 11.130.330 and 11.130.335 that a guardian must consider when making a decision on behalf of an adult subject to guardianship.


Effective dates2020 c 312: See note following RCW 11.130.915.
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